We are pleased to announce that since the beginning of 2019, we have earned the business of several essential projects with the various ADNOC-companies and BUNDUQ, securing a healthy backlog for the next period.

The following contracts for maintenance, installation, rehabilitation, and upgrades of electrical and instrumentation systems were signed early in 2019:

  • For ADNOC LNG: a 78-man team will be deployed to Das Island from June 2019 to cover Lighting, Fire & Gas maintenance. This contract will run until 2022.
  • For ADNOC Offshore: a two-year contract for the rehabilitation of substations on Das Island including electrical, instrumentation and HVAC works.
  • For ADNOC Offshore: a Procurement and Construction Contract for the installation of a new Containerized Substation at Zirku Island airport.
  • For BUNDUQ: an EPC-contract for the refurbishment of motors, field instruments, valves etc. to revamp two acid gas compressors.
  • For ADNOC Gas Processing: an EPC-contract for an extension to the Substation 1 of the Bu Hasa plant.

We are confident that these contracts will strengthen the prospects of E&I Emirates by reaffirming the high level of trust that the region’s Oil & Gas industry has placed upon us. We have been serving these valuable clients for many years, providing competitive services with high quality. In doing so, E&I Emirates has helped our customers build, upgrade, and maintain their facilities to the highest standards, and we are delighted to uphold these longstanding partnerships.